More Ways to Ruin a Snow Day with Pear Deck

Illustration by Kate Moore

Illustration by Kate Moore

It’s been nearly a year since I confessed my distaste for winter and proposed a plot to overthrow snow days using Pear Deck, and my icy feelings toward snow have thawed not at all.

Instead, what’s warming my heart these days are brilliant ideas from you and your fellow educators who are finding ways to engage your students, come hail or high snow drifts.

Digital Learning Days

We’re seeing proof everywhere that learning need hardly be limited to the confines of the physical classroom, and districts like Gwinnett County in Georgia proved this year that learning needn’t grind to a halt at the first sign of slick roads.

Gwinnett County’s model can be easily replicated with Pear Deck, either by an individual teacher or by a whole school or district. Simply toggle the day’s lesson into Student-Paced Mode, drop the link in Google Classroom and learning can proceed as usual!

Be Internet Awesome

Have you been looking for a time to infuse some digital citizenship curriculum into your class? A snow day is the perfect opportunity to assign one of Google’s Be Internet Awesome lessons powered by Pear Deck! These 19 pre-made Pear Decks feature videos, games and opportunities for reflection. And with the teacher dashboard, you can monitor student participation with a cup of hot cocoa and your fuzziest slippers!

Add all 19 lessons to Drive with a single click!

Snow Day Journal

If you aren’t ready to commit to full snow day sabotage, consider simply staying connected with your students with a snow day journal. Whip up a short Student-Paced deck asking students what they love to do on snow days or even suggesting snow day activities. For example, you might give them a text slide to share their family’s snow ice cream recipe or describe the day’s adventures, and a drawing slide asking them to illustrate their snow day activities.

If you’d rather help them enjoy their snow day, you could even embed a Youtube video tutorial about how to make the perfect snowman or build an epic snow fort.

Don’t look now, but maybe this ice queen’s heart is starting to melt just the tiniest bit.

This week’s post was written by Pear Deck Teacher Advocate Risa Bennett.