Don’t Be Surprised Come Finals!

4 Simple Tips to Clock Student Progress

Where does the time go? We’ve all been there, one second you’re transitioning into fall and the next thing you know the holidays are here! With the winter season comes shorter days, cooler temperatures, and of course end of semester finals.

The rapidly approaching break raises the question, how do you keep your students on track through December? Below are a few simple Pear Deck tricks to clock your students’ progress and get them ready for the end of the semester.

1. Ask!

Too easy, right? Well simply asking your students how they’re feeling about what they’ve learned over the past few months, and how confident they are in their mastery of the material, is an effective way not only to understand how your students are feeling, but also to allow them to feel heard in a safe way. One of our favorite ways to ask students how they’re feeling is with the Temperature Check slide in Google Slides. It gives you a quick overview on how comfortable students are with the material.

slide formula.png


2. Revisit

Ever felt like you had a strong mastery on given material one day, and the next day it’s gone? Research shows that we need to interact with something multiple times to truly learn it. One of the best ways to clock student progress is to revisit material and see how understanding deepens. When you revisit material, drop an Exit Tickets into your Pear Deck as a way to check for understanding quickly. Revisit the materials a few times? Take a look at past Exit Tickets and and note how your students’ responses have changed.



3. Check for Understanding

While an Exit Ticket is a tried and true strategy for clocking student progress, it’s always helpful to know where your class is sitting from the warm up through the end. Pepper formative assessment questions throughout your lesson, and don’t be afraid to change course if your student responses don’t match the progress you’re expecting.



4. Run a Review

Run your review sessions in Pear Deck, asking as many questions as you can. This tactic not only lets you see what concepts students are struggling with, but also gives them practice answering questions about the material before test day.

Use these quick and effective tips, and before you know it you and your class will be ready to take finals and the holiday season by storm!