Words to Know

These Grade 8 vocabulary terms include many recommended high-usage words. If you’re planning to play Flashcard Factory, we recommend choosing 5-10 terms per session and using the Merriam-Webster integration to quickly add definitions relevant to your students.


How to use the words

1. Copy words
2. Open Vocab Editor
3. Import words
4. Choose definitions
4. Play!


Basic Words

accordingly accurately acquire adequate allocate allocation alternative analytical anticipation applicable inapplicable approach articulate assertion assumptions authentic, authenticity availability capacity coherent incoherent complexity conceivably concurrent consequently considerably constitutes consult, consultation convey correlation depict, depiction, depicted detect determination devise diminish disputable indisputable dynamic employ equate ethic ethical evident exceedingly exhibit exhibition focal inclined inclination inconceivable indicative influential invariably marginal perception plausible presume presumption requisite prerequisite specify speculate speculation subsequently susceptible thereby validity vary varied virtual virtually