Words to Know: Grade 2

These Grade 2 vocabulary terms include many recommended high-usage words. If you’re planning to play Flashcard Factory, we recommend choosing 5-10 terms per session and using the Merriam-Webster integration to quickly add definitions relevant to your students.


How to use the words

1. Copy words
2. Open Vocab Editor
3. Import words
4. Choose definitions
4. Play!

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Basic Words

above in or to a higher place than

ago earlier than the present time

apply to put to use especially for some practical or specific purpose

area a particular piece of ground or extent of space often set aside for special use

argument a reason for or against something

arrange to put in a particular order

behind at, to, or toward the back

benefit something that promotes well-being

category a division in a system of classification

characteristic a distinguishing trait, quality, or property

check a stoppage of progress

clear easily seen through

compare to examine in order to discover likenesses or differences

complete possessing all necessary parts

conclusion a reasoned judgment

decide to make a choice or judgment

deep having a great distance between the top and bottom surfaces :not shallow

direct to point, extend, or project in a specified line, course, or direction

enough in or to a sufficient amount or degree

ever at any time

explanation a statement that makes something clear

few consisting of or amounting to a small number

free not obstructed

important having great meaning or influence

impossible very difficult to accomplish or deal with

interest to persuade to participate or take part

interesting holding the attention :arousing interest

introduce to lead or bring in especially for the first time

item a separate thing in a list, account, group, or series

less of a smaller number

miss to fail to hit, catch, reach, or get

model a small but exact copy of something

object something that may be perceived by the senses

plan to form a plan of or for :arrange the parts or details of in advance

portion an element, section, or division of a whole

possible being something that can be done or brought about

prepare to make or get ready

probably insofar as seems true, factual, or to be expected :without much doubt

prove to establish the truth or validity of by evidence or demonstration

purpose an object or result aimed at or achieved

rank relative position or order

rare seldom occurring or found :very uncommon

ready prepared for use or action

reduce to diminish in size, amount, extent, or number

relate to show or establish a relationship between

relationship the state or character of being related or interrelated

restate to state again or in another way

result to come about as an effect, consequence, or conclusion of something

reverse to turn completely about or upside down or inside out

several more than two but fewer than many

solution an action or process of solving

solve to find a solution for

soon before long :without undue time lapse

special distinguished by some unusual quality

state mode or condition of being

though in spite of the fact that

trait a distinguishing quality (as of personality or physical makeup)

unique being the only one

useful capable of being put to use

wonder a cause of astonishment or surprise