From webinars to in-person professional development sessions, our team of educators is here to help.

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Pear Deck in the classroom

Tuesday & wednesday at 11:00 am & 4:00 pm EST

Who is it for?
Educators of every level

What does it cover?
Sign up for our weekly webinar to learn how to create decks using the Google Slides Add-on, use templates to add formative assessments, polls, and interactive activities, and get best practice examples for creating an engaging classroom.  

To register, select your preferred date and time. 

Pear Deck for schools & districts

Thursday at 4 pm & friday at 11:00 am EST

Who is it for?
Principals, Technology Directors, Administrators

What does it cover?
Find out how Pear Deck can help you maximize your 1:1 program, raise your school's test scores, and work seamlessly with Google Apps For Education.

To register, select your preferred date and time.


Schedule a Pear Deck Workshop

For teams ready to take Pear Deck to the next level, we can work with you to schedule webinars or in-person workshops. Conducted by Pear Deck team members or one of our trained coaches, workshops can help departments, schools and districts maximize the usage and efficacy of Pear Deck!

Depending on the length of the session and number of attendees, additional costs may apply.