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Wonder Pack: Hispanic Heritage Month

Classroom Activities

Wonder Pack: Hispanic Heritage Month

The aim of this Wonder Pack is to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month and to teach students about the many contributions of the Hispanic community. In this Deck, we will celebrate the creations of some incredible individuals that use their culture and heritage as inspirations for their work!

What’s in this pack?


In this video from Nickelodeon celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, we hear from kids about their backgrounds and amazing traditions. Hear from kids as they talk about the food and celebrations they embrace as proud Hispanics!

Source: Nickelodeon via YouTube


Go behind the scenes with Diego Molano, the creator of Cartoon Network’s Victor and Valentino, to learn how the cast and crew celebrate their Hispanic heritage and how their experiences helped create the show.

Source: Cartoon Network via YouTube


Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the Broadway show Hamilton, talks with his father Luis, who came to New York City from Puerto Rico at age 19 and built a career in the public and private sector. In this video they celebrate their heritage and discuss how it shaped them into the people they are today.

Source: NBC News via YouTube

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