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Wonder Pack: Arab American Heritage Month

Classroom Activities

Wonder Pack: Arab American Heritage Month

This Deck celebrates Arab American Heritage Month and is designed to prompt wonder and curiosity for elementary, middle, and high school learners. These Wonders celebrate the history, contributions, art, and culture of Arab Americans. 

What’s in this pack?


Music in the Arab world has a long history, with many influences from different groups and cultures. Students can experience the distinct sounds of traditional Arab music is by listening to an ensemble known as a takht, and learn about the individual instruments that create this beautiful music.

Source: Arab American National Museum


At Daytona, Toni Breidinger recently made history by becoming the first female Arab American driver to compete in a NASCAR national series event. Meet this 21-year-old rising star and learn what motivates her to break barriers in her sport.

Source: TODAY YouTube


Until fairly recently, superhero movies and comic books were dominated by white characters. As part of expanding representation in comics, Marvel introduced Amulet in 2020, their first Arab American superhero. Learn about the Arab American author and Jordanian American illustrator who brought Amulet to life.

Source: NowThis News

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