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A partnership for sparking creativity and classroom discussion

Flip + Pear Deck

Pear Deck has partnered with Flip to help educators facilitate effective, interactive, and highly rewarding discussions with their students. Learning is more fun when we do it together!

Use these Pear Deck Templates for Flip to start having more engaging conversations in your classroom today — whether you’re educating in person or online.

Ready to get started? Scroll down to view the full collection.

Flip logo

Flip is a simple, free video discussion platform that aims to make learning more fun, interactive, and empowering. Flip provides a safe, accessible space where students of all abilities and backgrounds can explore new ideas and connect with others.

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Pear Deck allows educators to build effective and engaging instructional content — right from Google Slides. This powerful learning tool makes it easy for teachers to build interactive slides with custom questions, formative assessments, embedded audio, and more.

New to Pear Deck? Get started in three easy steps.

To celebrate our partnership with Flip, new Pear Deck users can enjoy 90 days of Pear Deck Premium, no credit card required. To learn how to create a new Pear Deck account, click through here.

Once you have the Pear Deck Add-on for Google Slides or Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint Online installed, simply follow the directions below!


Click on one of the Decks below to get a preview of the Deck and make a copy for Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint Online.


Once the presentation is open in Google Slides or PowerPoint Online, open the Pear Deck Add-on through the Add-ons menu in Google Slides or the Add-ins menu in Microsoft PowerPoint. You can edit the existing questions or add your own custom questions from the slide library. You can also use it exactly as it is!


Click the ‘Start Lesson’ button to start your interactive lesson!

How to Use Pear Deck Topics For Flip

Start by presenting lesson content in Pear Deck, then give students the opportunity to share their voice with a video response in Flip!

These Pear Deck Topics have been specially designed to spark discussions on Flip’s interactive video platform. To start, sign up for a free Flip account (available for Microsoft and Google users) and follow these three easy steps.


Starting in Flip, Create a Group

A Flip “Group” is a shared space where you can invite learners to contribute to a Discussion (a video prompt). For example, a Group could be a class period or a subset of students. Make your free Flip account and create your first Flip Group!


Choose a ready-to-use Pear Deck Topic from the Flip Discovery Library

“Topics” are the prompts that students respond to with a video submission. Navigate to the Flip “Discovery Library” by finding the dropdown menu in the upper right corner and selecting “Discovery,” or get direct access to Pear Deck’s templates on Flip here.


Embed Flip into Pear Deck

Once you’ve selected a Topic and navigated back to your dashboard of Topics, it’s time to embed it into your Pear Deck and have some fun!

Explore all the Pear Deck Topics for Flip!

Select the slide image below to preview and download the Pear Deck prompt designed for use with Flip. After you have the Pear Deck, create a Flip Topic to embed in the Website slide!

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See it in action! Check out a blog post from educator Stacey Roshan demonstrating how she’s been using Pear Deck and Flip together since 2017!