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A Pear Deck Case Study


Bullis School provides a student-centered balanced experience in academics, arts, athletics and community service. Bullis prepares all students to become caring citizens and creative, critical thinkers who will thrive in tomorrow’s world.

Stacey Roshan teaches AP Calculus AB, and advises other teachers in how to incorporate technology into their classes to bring teaching & course material to life.

At Bullis they use Google Docs for almost everything - students, teachers, and administrators all use Google Drive and Google Suite for Education for most of their technology needs. That's a big benefit of Pear Deck for them - for example, that Pear Deck Takeaways goes right into the students' Drive makes using Pear Deck a snap.

How Stacey uses Pear Deck

Stacey runs a flipped classroom. The students watch a video for homework and then come into class to dig deeper into the material and collaboratively problem solve, instead of the usual pattern of listening to a teacher during class and then going home to dig into homework.

Stacey uses Pear Deck when the students come back into class as a formative assessment warmup. With Pear Deck it's easier for her to understand where the class is a whole, and also hear from individual students.

"Using Pear Deck I can really dig deeper. I can start with a deeper-understanding type question that leads to a dynamic discussion. It's not that students are just submitting an answer."

Stacey says that participation in her class is higher because with Pear Deck, participation is not an option. You hear a different voice from students than you would hear if you were calling on hands. Stacey mentioned one student in particular who often gives very thoughtful and elaborate answers through Pear Deck, even though she barely ever hears him talk in class. Giving students like that a comfortable way to participate enhances learning for all of the students, who normally wouldn't have the benefit of everyone's contributions.

Addressing Diverse Student Needs

Stacey also uses the Student-Paced mode of Pear Deck to remove some of the pressure that students feel to respond quickly. She writes in Addressing Diverse Student Needs Using Pear Deck Student-Pace that she asks longer, more involved types of questions, but still meets students where they are and supports students as they move at different speeds.

Read Stacey's Work!

Stacey writes about her work as a math teacher and tech integrator on twitter and her blog. We recommend you follow her!

Twitter: @buddyxo

Blog: techieMusings

What They Wanted

  • Get a sense of how everyone in the class is doing.
  • Increase student participation and start engaging discussions.

What They Did

  • Use Pear Deck as a formative asssessment warmup for math classes.
  • Use Pear Deck to start discussions.

What They Accomplished

  • Increased student participation.
  • Started hearing from every student, even those who weren't participating before Pear Deck.

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