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Sow the seeds of ins-pear-ation

All you need is a browser, Wi-Fi, and curiosity

With Pear Deck, you can transform presentations into classroom conversations by simply incorporating interactive assessments into your instruction. You can also see student responses in real time so you can offer on-the-spot feedback. It’s easy, fun, and fosters curiosity and inclusivity.

Master student engagement

Explore our mini series of webinars for Pear Deck. Learn how to continue igniting the spark of student curiosity, discover how to easily and effectively collaborate with colleagues, and more.

Pear Deck: Basics and Beyond

In this on-demand webinar, learn how to create interactive lessons, achieve 100% student engagement, and add formative assessments and polls. Plus, we’ll dive deeper into the advanced features of Pear Deck, explore student-paced mode, and more.

Pear Deck District Library

Watch this 5-minute video to learn how the new Pear Deck District Library helps to promote collaboration, efficiency, and consistency in instructional material by enabling educators to share standards-aligned materials with other teachers in their school or district.

Another Great Peartember!

We want to extend a huge thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Peartember events. Together, this community created a surge of powerful, fun-filled learning and engagement to start the year — go, team!

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A space for learning

Here are some resources designed to help take your students' curiosity to a new dimension.

Engaging Students in the First Few Minutes of Class

Teaching Introverts and Shy Students

5 Tips for Getting Started with Pear Deck’s Immersive Reader Feature

Pear Deck Templates for Icebreakers

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Stay one giant step ahead

First time using Pear Deck? Need a little help creating an interactive assessment, or just have a general question? Explore the following get-started resources below.

Learning Resources

From webinars to quick tip videos, there's lots of ways to learn about Pear Deck.

Help Center

Request direct support, check out our informative FAQs, and more.

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