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Back to School

Spark the Joy in Back-to-School with Pear Deck

The excitement of meeting new friends and teachers. That “I wonder what I’ll learn today” feeling. These are just a few of our favorite things about the back-to-school season! We’re here to help you bring that joyful lightbulb moment to every student, everyday.

Explore the collection of resources below to welcome students back to school with a spark of wonder and joy.

Back-to-School Webinars

Our back-to-school live webinars are now over, but don't let that stop your learning! Click on the links below to watch a recording of our Pear Deck 101 and 201 sessions to help prepare you for a year of powerful learning moments.

Pear Deck 101

We'll cover the basics of creating and presenting with Pear Deck, including how to:

  • Install the Pear Deck Add-on
  • Add interactivity to a slide deck
  • Discover ready-to-teach templates and activities
  • Engage students with a Pear Deck Session
Watch Pear Deck 101 now

Pear Deck 201

Join us for an in-depth training on powerful Pear Deck Premium tools:

  • Practicing with the Teacher Dashboard
  • Adding audio to a slide or sharing feedback with students
  • Using Student-Paced Mode
  • Bonus: Transforming vocabulary practice with Flashcard Factory!
Watch Pear Deck 201 now

Become a Pear Deck Certified Coach!

Join an elite group of educators from across the country who have been trained in using Pear Deck to support instructional best practices.

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