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We're headed your way (virtually!)

Certified Coach Training 2022

Get certified this fall!

Pear Deck Certified Coach training is a combination of synchronous and asynchronous activities that take place over a three-week span. This fall we are delighted to offer two cohort dates for you to choose from! Accepted Coaches will be announced by email on September 2!

Fall Cohort 1:  September 12  - 28

Fall Cohort 2: October 5 - 26

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What's a Pear Deck Coach?

Pear Deck Coaches are an elite group of educators from across the country who have been trained in the best practices of Pear Deck’s student engagement platform. This training goes beyond basic features and functionality, diving deep into the five pedagogical domains that inform Pear Deck’s Teaching Truths.

A Pear Deck Coach is a passionate educator who regularly models best Pear Deck practices to engage students and advocates on Pear Deck's behalf to other educators.

What does it take to become a Pear Deck Coach?

To become a Pear Deck Coach, you must attend an invitation-only Pear Deck Coach training.

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What do I get for becoming a Pear Deck Coach?

We love to make our Pear Deck Coaches feel extra special, so we’ll provide you with ALL of the following: customized swag, access to our private communities, free Pear Deck Premium, the ability to present at conferences on our behalf, a Certified Coach badge, and a unique coupon code to gift Pear Deck to your friends and colleagues!

2022-2023 Certified Coach Pear Deck Certified Coached Program
Pear Deck Certified Coaches Program 2022 2023 Certified Coach Badge

What does the agenda look like?

Cohort 1:

  • September 12
    Asynchronous modules open (descriptions below)
  • September 12 or 13
    Zoom Kickoff call and Module 0
  • September 28
    Asynchronous modules close
  • September 28 or 29
    Required celebration webinar

Cohort 2:

  • October 5
    Asynchronous modules open (descriptions below)
  • October 5 or 6
    Zoom Kickoff call and Module 0
  • October 24
    Asynchronous modules close
  • October 24 or 25
    Required celebration webinar

The Pear Deck Certified Coaches program is only available to educators based in North America and Canada at this time.

Complete Training at Your Own Pace

Module 0: Kick-off Zoom Call & Getting Started

On day 1 we’ll get to know each other and you’ll be provided with tips and resources to be successful.


Module 1: Technical Skills (asynchronous)

By the end of this module, you'll know how to use all the rich features available in Pear Deck Premium. You can make this as collaborative or as individualized as you want.


Module 2: Teaching Truths (asynchronous)

The Pear Deck Teaching Truths have been designed to guide you through building positive school culture and helping to create powerful learning moments for every student, every day.


Module 3: Pear Deck for Hybrid Learning (asynchronous)

Learn how Pear Deck can be used for in-person, remote, and hybrid learning through synchronous and asynchronous instruction. The webinar will also showcase best practices for delivering Professional Development on Pear Deck.

Module 4: Practicing the Teacher Dashboard (asynchronous)

Pear Deck’s Teacher Dashboard gives teachers real-time insights into student thinking and progress. This module includes a small group activity and gives participants guided practice using all the powerful tools available in the Teacher Dashboard— and without the pressure of presenting lesson content.

Module 5: Create a Sample Deck (asynchronous)

In this module, you’ll learn how to create and submit a sample Pear Deck. You’ll use everything you’ve learned about Pear Deck features, functionality, and pedagogy in the training so far.

Module 6: Zoom Call, Teaching Truths Round Table Conversation

Pear Deck Coach Training culminates in an hour-long, synchronous roundtable discussion of the pedagogy behind Pear Deck. The discussion will be hosted by Pear Deck’s Program Manager and driven by the questions and observations participants submitted in Module 2.

Ready to be a Pear Deck Coach?

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